Twitter is one of the most used social media platform all over the world and many people use it both for personal as well as business use. There are few tricks available in Twitter that is not known by many people which can be used to make most of this social media. Many will be aware of these features, but they will not know to use it in the right way. The following are few known features in Twitter that consists of some of the tricks that is not known by many who use it on regular basis.

1. Widget- Twitter widget is normally used to get followers. This is a very simple feature where a visitor enters into your blog from a source it will help them follow your Twitter account from the blog itself. After following they can also see all the updates made by you in Twitter from the blog without seeing your Twitter account.

2. Advance search- The advance search feature in Twitter can be used to look for a particular topic. It will also show you location from where the topic has been posted. This is one of the best option to promote any business in a particular location. Many people don’t use this search option instead they will only use the standard search option available in the Twitter page.

3. Hashtag- The hashtg is used to look for a tweet that is related to a keyword. You can simply enter the keyword that is mainly used in your business and find the tweet that related to your interest. Try to use the hashtag before a keyword while posting a tweet in Twitter to reach the particular targeted peoples. The hashtag can be used in any place such as starting, ending and middle of the tweet. Make sure to change the position of hashtag whenever you are posting a tweet.

4. Favorite tweets- This is the best option to get more followers related to your brand. Try to favorite tweets on daily basis as it can make the people who have posted the tweet to follow back.

5. Twitter trends and peak hours- The trending topic in Twitter usually get more attention from people, so try to make use of this to post the contents. Look for topics that are discussed in large numbers and utilize it for better use in Twitter. You must also tweet a particular content on peak hours to get more attention from the people.

6. Using images and short links- Whenever you are planning to tweet, try to include a image in it. You can post the image related to your content to make it easily reachable to the people. Try to tweet only images if you are not able to find the right content, but make sure that it looks interesting. You can also use short links in tweet which must lead to your post in the blog as there is restriction to more characters in Twitter.