Periscope is normally used for streaming live videos which can easily improve your engagement with the customers and other prospects. It is also the perfect app for reaching your customers in the most perfect way. Sharing live videos on Periscope can easily increase your customer engagement. The following are few simple ways to reach your customers effectively using Periscope.

1. Help desk live- Using Periscope as a marketing tool can consume very less time to promote your brand. Instead of making your customer read about the product, try to stream it as video to attract the viewers. The people who have questions about your brand can just view the video on Periscope than asking you through messages. Try to create a five minute video on Periscope and make people to view it for further questions. Also save the video for streaming it again in future and share it with the customers who face same kind of problem.

2. Acknowledge your mistakes- This is a very rare case where you have to feel the heat of your customers. If you have done any mistake that has taken a great impact on your brand, try to apologies immediately using Periscope. Just post an apology video on Periscope which will make you interact with your customers. By doing this you can maintain your brand reputation along with your customer trust which is very important for the development of every business.

3. Humanize your product- The live-streaming Periscope app can be helpful in reaching your customers personally. It is possible to add a human touch to your business while promoting it with videos. Some of the people will use Periscope and even recommends to other clients for promoting their own brand. Most of the people like to see live videos about their product as they can easily get a sight about their favorite brand. To become more successful with Periscope, try to stream the videos on regular basis and engage with your viewers.

4. Product presentation- Periscope is used by most of the people to know more about the popular brands. Customers would always want to view something new about their brands, so presenting the product with attractive videos can easily boost the sales. Some of the popular videos among the customers are related to a particular product. Periscope offers the business to host live videos about their product and highlight its important features. While creating a video about the product, make sure to make it visible in the right way and also add comments to it, so the viewer can easily understand about your product.

5- Collect feedback- Periscope also helps you to have a live interaction with your customers and viewers can ask questions related to the product. The brands can also collect feedback from the viewers directly during the live interaction through Periscope. You can also get feedback related to new product launched using Periscope and even collect ideas to promote it further.