Networking apps are one of the best ways to reach the audience online. You can make your brand valuable and responsive for the audience with right kind of networking. There are few networking apps that can be used to develop a good relationship with your audience.

1. Use your Twitter networking with SocialBro- This tool features tweet analytics as well as content optimization that can help to select tweets that the audiences respond. It is a perfect tool to engage with your present social media platform. You can see the person who follows the competitor and start following as well as engage with them. But this tool is only available as premium version for effective use and a free version is also available for basis use.

2. Look for trends with TrendSpottr- It is a tool that can be used to find the latest trends related to your viewers and give tough competition to your competitors. There are also options to create an alerts based on hashtag, keyword and more. It is one of the tool that can be used along with HootSuite to maintain the loop related to viral contents. But you have to purchase a premium version of this tool and there is no free version available.

3. New predicts with NeedTagger- The tool can be used to look for potential customers and start following them with the help of keywords. You can use this tool in 2 ways such as through API and another app known as StreamBuilder. You can use these 2 ways to look for search words based on your targeted audience. The NeedTagger is only available as a premium version, but a 30-day trial is available for the normal users.

4. Reach to influencers with Zuum- It is a perfect tool that is suitable for most of the social media channels. This tool helps to go through a number of analytics that helps to know the content which is engaged by your customers. You can also create email alerts in this tool and it also works along with the Google Analytics. It is possible to see what kind of influencers the customers looking to follow. Once reaching to your audience based influencers, make sure to engage with them that will increase your business credibility and trust. You can use this tool as both free and premium version based on your interests.

5. Track conversations with Nimble- This is a networking app that helps to develop a strong relationship with the customers. In a single tab it shows all of your conversations that spread into a number of CRM apps. You can tag contacts using a particular keyword, but there is also way to create reminders such as Stay in Touch to follow up regularly with the leads. You have to purchase a premium version of this tool for using it effectively with your social media platform. It is also available as 14-day trial version useful for basic information.