Twitter is one of the most used social media network all over the world and it is normally used to connect with people. There are many individuals as well as brands that use Twitter to reach their specified audience. Twitter is known to send user-generated tweets that are also able to display images and videos. Most of them have concern about people viewing their video on the social media without any sound. There are ways to add captions to your video that is used on the social media channel to make it easily viewable for all kinds of people on this platform.

Those who want to add a subtitle for their video, then this option can be the best option. You will be able to make live titles using the app apple clips that can be used on various social media channels. To use it, first you must download this app on your Smartphone and access it. Then you can select the arrow option and enter New Video from drop-down. You will be able to choose Video from these options and use the option speech bubble that will start the captioning. There will be 3 options to select and you can start recording with your own voice. Make sure to create your short script for reading it out during the recording of the video to make your work simple.

There are also few social media network that offers automatic captions for the video. When you are using this option, try to upload the video and select the subtitle option from the menu. Some of the tools allow you to select a number of languages, but you must select the language English which is the best option to communicate with different people all over the world. Most of the captions will get generated automatically if you are using special tools. You can also review your captions and even edit them. The time-savers for your captions normally added to the videos as a script which helps you to add captions to the video before using it on the social media channel. There are also other alternate ways with which you can easily make a video along with captions such as Apple Clips.

Twitter video is really very to use as it helps you to record a new video with the help of your Smartphone. After creating the video you can start adding the caption that can attract your audience. But you must also include hashtags in your posts to make the content easily reachable to all the people on the social media network. The response received by the posts that feature a video is also known to be high when compared to other posts on Twitter. Video is also the easiest way to reply to the audiences who have already responded to your video with captions. Adding captions to a video can help you to reach different types of audience on this social platform.

Marketers look for different places to promote their product and one of the best platforms to get effective result is the social media. With few simple tools you can make your work on the social media channel easier. The time spent on the social media platform can be reduced with the following tools and increase the efficiency of engaging with the followers. Visuals are very important part of promoting a product on the social media platform. Social media can be the best tool to reach to targeted audience that can increase your sales automatically. In order to make your social media marketing successful, it is important to know the latest trends and follow up with them. But it is not always easy to do this, so using these types of tools can make your marketing process simple and reduce time spent on the social media network.

1. PosterMyWall Templates- This is a simple tool that can help to create attractive images for the social media channel. It is a user-friendly tool that is available with a number of templates specially designed by professional designers. To design your image, first select a Design available in the page and choose the option New Design in drop-down menu. It also lets you to deign blank canvas with the present templates and also find different template based on various categories. Another option is PosterMyWall editor where the users can customize different options like texts, color and more depending upon your interest. After designing your image, just download it for using it on the social media channel.

2. Quuu- It helps to hand-curate a relevant content that can be used in your social media channel. To use this tool first you must select a category and select how many suggestions you want to receive in a day. You must create an account in Buffer and HubSpot to use this tool that makes your work simple. Now you will get hand-curated content that can be shared to target your relevant audiences and increase the engagement. You can get more leads with this tool as it lets you to engage with the audience using your content.

3. Socedo- This is the best to reach your audience personally related to buying on the social media networks. In this tool you can just enter an event related hashtag to find potential attendee and it will automatically follow the selected leads. With this you will be able to increase the number of followers on the social media with personal touch. The tool will also integrate with your marketing automation that can help to track a engagement related to a campaign and generate conversions. The entire social media channel can be converted into lead generation platform and reach to the customers through Twitter by collecting their information to increase your sales. It also sends your message for the people who follow your account that helps to increase your marketing process with personal touch.

Engaging with fans on the social media will give a good chance to increase your reputation on the social media platform. There are few standard ways that are followed to increase the number of fan followers, but there are also other unusual way of reaching to your fans that are not used by many. You can just share the regular information about your business on the social media. Also start a blog that shares the information’s related to your brand and share it on the social media channels. Try to maintain the audience in your activities loop which will be helpful in keeping them engaged. It is possible to keep your audience engaged through comments on the social media channel as well as your blogs which is the best way to reach your fans. Your fans can be connected through various social media channels which are really a perfect option to increase your followers. Twitter is one of the most used platforms that can help to get engaged with your fans as well as followers and this social platform has been part of many people on daily basis.

Apart from sharing your business experience with the audience on the social media platform, try to share other information about yourself which can add a personal touch to your social profile. Always add a human touch to your post on the social media channel and try to invite other people to discuss about your world. Try to be honest with your fans which will develop a trust among you and your followers. Share your moments that helps to connect with the right people on the social media platform and this will help the people to give attention to your posts on regular basis. You must try to understand words that are used by your audience during the conversations and follow them in the same way to create an engagement. Also run a campaign to promote your products and get in touch the people on the social media platform. This will help to make your connection strong with the followers and give a chance for the chance to express their views related to your post.

Offer rewards to your fans in a simple way and this will help them to reach your social profile regularly. Most of the people on social media platform look for special rewards and if you offer them a quick win can support them in visiting your profile regularly which will create a great connection. Help your audience to create a community around them and share the information through it. This will give them an opportunity to reach out with the people and communicate with them in the right way. Try to use groups in Twitter to start an event and make the people to share their experience through this. Most of the people will get real excited to attend an event on the social media platform and create an opportunity to share important information.

Networking apps are one of the best ways to reach the audience online. You can make your brand valuable and responsive for the audience with right kind of networking. There are few networking apps that can be used to develop a good relationship with your audience.

1. Use your Twitter networking with SocialBro- This tool features tweet analytics as well as content optimization that can help to select tweets that the audiences respond. It is a perfect tool to engage with your present social media platform. You can see the person who follows the competitor and start following as well as engage with them. But this tool is only available as premium version for effective use and a free version is also available for basis use.

2. Look for trends with TrendSpottr- It is a tool that can be used to find the latest trends related to your viewers and give tough competition to your competitors. There are also options to create an alerts based on hashtag, keyword and more. It is one of the tool that can be used along with HootSuite to maintain the loop related to viral contents. But you have to purchase a premium version of this tool and there is no free version available.

3. New predicts with NeedTagger- The tool can be used to look for potential customers and start following them with the help of keywords. You can use this tool in 2 ways such as through API and another app known as StreamBuilder. You can use these 2 ways to look for search words based on your targeted audience. The NeedTagger is only available as a premium version, but a 30-day trial is available for the normal users.

4. Reach to influencers with Zuum- It is a perfect tool that is suitable for most of the social media channels. This tool helps to go through a number of analytics that helps to know the content which is engaged by your customers. You can also create email alerts in this tool and it also works along with the Google Analytics. It is possible to see what kind of influencers the customers looking to follow. Once reaching to your audience based influencers, make sure to engage with them that will increase your business credibility and trust. You can use this tool as both free and premium version based on your interests.

5. Track conversations with Nimble- This is a networking app that helps to develop a strong relationship with the customers. In a single tab it shows all of your conversations that spread into a number of CRM apps. You can tag contacts using a particular keyword, but there is also way to create reminders such as Stay in Touch to follow up regularly with the leads. You have to purchase a premium version of this tool for using it effectively with your social media platform. It is also available as 14-day trial version useful for basic information.

Periscope is normally used for streaming live videos which can easily improve your engagement with the customers and other prospects. It is also the perfect app for reaching your customers in the most perfect way. Sharing live videos on Periscope can easily increase your customer engagement. The following are few simple ways to reach your customers effectively using Periscope.

1. Help desk live- Using Periscope as a marketing tool can consume very less time to promote your brand. Instead of making your customer read about the product, try to stream it as video to attract the viewers. The people who have questions about your brand can just view the video on Periscope than asking you through messages. Try to create a five minute video on Periscope and make people to view it for further questions. Also save the video for streaming it again in future and share it with the customers who face same kind of problem.

2. Acknowledge your mistakes- This is a very rare case where you have to feel the heat of your customers. If you have done any mistake that has taken a great impact on your brand, try to apologies immediately using Periscope. Just post an apology video on Periscope which will make you interact with your customers. By doing this you can maintain your brand reputation along with your customer trust which is very important for the development of every business.

3. Humanize your product- The live-streaming Periscope app can be helpful in reaching your customers personally. It is possible to add a human touch to your business while promoting it with videos. Some of the people will use Periscope and even recommends to other clients for promoting their own brand. Most of the people like to see live videos about their product as they can easily get a sight about their favorite brand. To become more successful with Periscope, try to stream the videos on regular basis and engage with your viewers.

4. Product presentation- Periscope is used by most of the people to know more about the popular brands. Customers would always want to view something new about their brands, so presenting the product with attractive videos can easily boost the sales. Some of the popular videos among the customers are related to a particular product. Periscope offers the business to host live videos about their product and highlight its important features. While creating a video about the product, make sure to make it visible in the right way and also add comments to it, so the viewer can easily understand about your product.

5- Collect feedback- Periscope also helps you to have a live interaction with your customers and viewers can ask questions related to the product. The brands can also collect feedback from the viewers directly during the live interaction through Periscope. You can also get feedback related to new product launched using Periscope and even collect ideas to promote it further.

Influencers play an important role to support a business on the social media platform like Twitter. Even those who are running a smaller business can use influencers who are less popular on the social media to promote their business. Once you are able to find the small influencers it will be easy to make them promote your brand and also have a good relationship. Here are few things to find the best small influencers to make your business reach to a greater level.

1. Help from followers- The first option to find the small influencers are among your followers. If you use get in touch with your followers, they can help to reach you to influencers who are interested to know about your brand. Most of the people in Twitter will try to reach the influencers directly which will not help in any ways as they will not trust you. So you can just make your followers to reach to the influencers and this will make them to get in touch with you. Try to offer special reward or discounts in Twitter to attract the influencers.

2. Using hashtags- There will be many small influencers who will not be aware of your brand, but they can get attracted to your service if they know about it. To make the influential users aware of your brand you can do a small research using hashtag to find the best influencers related to your brand. Always select the best hashtag that must be relevant to your product to find the best influencers. Use the hashtag that you have selected to search in Google to get the best results. When you decide to promote your products using influencers related to your business, there is a high possibility to reach your particular audience perfectly.

3. Using Google search- As a small business you will only be covering a particular geographic area, so try to search them using Google search. You can use the keyword that is related to your brand while making the search. Once you find the suitable influencer through the Google search, try to find their Twitter profile which can be used to reach them directly.

4. Tools to find influencers- If you use all the above steps to find the best influencers will be a long process which can consume lot of time. Instead of using all these options, you can use the special tools that have been developed to find the best influential users in most of the social media platforms. There are different tools to reach the top influencers which include BuzzSumo, Klear, etc. Mainly BuzzSumo is a special tool to look for the influencers with the help of particular keywords. Once you access this tool, try to enter the keyword in the search box and you will get stats about each influencer. You can just see their engagement rate, retweet and the followers list to judge the reach of your influencers.

It is useful for everyone to spend more time on the social media platform like Twitter to attract more followers. In case you have been spending more time by posting useful contents in your social media network and not able to get proper engagements there are few effective strategies that can be used to make it work. You can just schedule the contents to be posted in Twitter on regular basis to make it effective for your audience.

1. Update the categories- There are few regular updates that must done in your social media network like creating links to content created by you which includes videos, podcasts and more. Also make sure when you get mentioned in the original content it is known by all your followers which will be helpful getting more traffic. Try to provide seasonal offers and follow the same strategy every year to get benefited. Never use the content for the second time even though many people will try to repeat the same content again and again. Another option will be using your own ideas to develop the content and include different quotes used by other people.

2. Make your social updates in groups- Everyone update their content in the social media on regular basis and create updates depending upon the category. Try to schedule your contents based on the category that you are using it. This will help you to spend time on the social media by interacting with your audience live than spending more time during inappropriate times. You will not be spending more time on daily basis about writing new contents with this and the time spend for creating the content can be used to interact with your audience live.

3. Get connected with live interaction- Try to plan your live interactions before you enter into one with your audience. It is not possible to know what people will be posting, so try to plan yourself before getting into a live interaction. Make this a daily routine and stay connected with your audience at the same time on regular basis. You can get notifications and engage with other users at the same time if you plan your content posting. There are few simple categories that your live interactions will be planned such as retweets and more. Also reduce your number of categories to prevent confusion while connecting with your followers. Also decide about the questions that need to be asked to the followers of your Twitter account and schedule them early to get best engagement from them.

Making your status update on regular basis can provide only less result and whenever you are planning to share content with your followers try to schedule it. Give sometime for yourself to prepare the content and schedule it to prevent your status update regularly. All these things will help to improve your productivity related to your business and eliminate distractions on social media platform while scheduling your contents.

Social media is a perfect place to get connected with people all over the world. But you can also use the social media to find the perfect right customers for your business. There are particular ways that can be used to look locate the right audience related to your brand or products. First you must do a slight research about your customers to know on which social media network they spend more time on. Twitter is considered to be one of the best social media platform to find the right type of customers for your business. There are options such as Twitter ads that can be used to reach out to your ideal audience with very little effort.

1. Look for the best customer- The most important thing to be followed to get the ideal customer is to know what they are interested in. One thing that you can do get complete details about your brand related customers and what they do on the weekends. This can help to know how you can reach out to the customers easily.

2. Decide about your customer range- Now you know where to find the customers, then make sure the number of people you are going to reach out with your product. In case your customer range is very small you can just continue the same process of marketing and if you are planning to increase the number of customer try to add more information related to your business.

3. Assess your customers- Once you have running the business from a long time, now it is time to assess your customers. Try to collect the detailed about your customers such as where they spend more time online and you can also question them. Ask them about the social media website they use regularly and what type of information they are looking online. There are also special tools to support while assessing the customers which includes Google Forms, SurveyMonkey and more. Mainly Google Forms can be used to get the details with live events and if possible you can also try out SurveyMonkey.

5. Study about online activities- This is a most important part if you are just beginning your business and you have only small amount of customers. Look for studies which have complete information about particular platforms and even other countries.

6. Link to your customers- After getting the complete details about your customers, try to review the studies available after the research to work on various social media networks and marketing platforms. Try to include the email lists you have on all the social media network and this will help in finding the customers here. You can use advanced search tool in Twitter to find the right customers. Create a Twitter list and notify the people in it which can automatically increase your visibility. Try to follow the people in Twitter whom you think is capable of attracting more customers to your profile.

The click-through rates of social media can be helpful in achieving additional traffic to your website. There are also ways improve your click-through rates almost double than what you are getting now. The following are the ways to increase your click-through rates that can support your website additionally. Having a good conversation in the social media platform is very important as it can make your relationship strong with your followers. Try to offer more value to your followers which can automatically increase the click-through rates. Make sure to stay consistent while messaging and offering a good call to action along with a shared link that will provide a complete action. Regularly share important information that must be unique as well as good to read for the people on the social media platform. This is one of the best options to get attention from the viewers.

1. Call to action- Try to create a call to action in your social media platform, so it helps the people to get back to your website. To make the people to get in touch with your through Twitter and the website, try to question them along with a link to your post which can increase the website traffic.

2. Click-through options- The content in your posts must be used in such a way that it should improve the connection between people and the user on the social media platform. Sharing important content on the social media along with a link to your website can increase the site traffic and also share the content with many people. This can also help people who visit your content to sign up to the email list and also give you some business.

3. Create an organized message- Sharing the social media contents can give people the access to your website with a simple link. Make sure that the messages you are going to share with the people are attractive and keep them interested in it. There are different ways to get new and unique contents such as through blogs, advertising campaigns and even with social media updates.

4. Create a unique homepage- This is a very important option which must be followed without fail. Make sure that your website page looks really interesting, so the readers can get more excited in reading the content in it. Try to compose a unique call to action that must also feature the link of your website. The linked website page must provide the information which must give a clear and useful call to action. Add your brand logo to the link that you are going to share to access the homepage of your website. This will make others to get attracted to your website and the page which they see after clicking on the shared link must look amazing. This will make them to visit your website very often and also share the information in it which will automatically increase your site traffic.

Twitter is one of the most used social media platform all over the world and many people use it both for personal as well as business use. There are few tricks available in Twitter that is not known by many people which can be used to make most of this social media. Many will be aware of these features, but they will not know to use it in the right way. The following are few known features in Twitter that consists of some of the tricks that is not known by many who use it on regular basis.

1. Widget- Twitter widget is normally used to get followers. This is a very simple feature where a visitor enters into your blog from a source it will help them follow your Twitter account from the blog itself. After following they can also see all the updates made by you in Twitter from the blog without seeing your Twitter account.

2. Advance search- The advance search feature in Twitter can be used to look for a particular topic. It will also show you location from where the topic has been posted. This is one of the best option to promote any business in a particular location. Many people don’t use this search option instead they will only use the standard search option available in the Twitter page.

3. Hashtag- The hashtg is used to look for a tweet that is related to a keyword. You can simply enter the keyword that is mainly used in your business and find the tweet that related to your interest. Try to use the hashtag before a keyword while posting a tweet in Twitter to reach the particular targeted peoples. The hashtag can be used in any place such as starting, ending and middle of the tweet. Make sure to change the position of hashtag whenever you are posting a tweet.

4. Favorite tweets- This is the best option to get more followers related to your brand. Try to favorite tweets on daily basis as it can make the people who have posted the tweet to follow back.

5. Twitter trends and peak hours- The trending topic in Twitter usually get more attention from people, so try to make use of this to post the contents. Look for topics that are discussed in large numbers and utilize it for better use in Twitter. You must also tweet a particular content on peak hours to get more attention from the people.

6. Using images and short links- Whenever you are planning to tweet, try to include a image in it. You can post the image related to your content to make it easily reachable to the people. Try to tweet only images if you are not able to find the right content, but make sure that it looks interesting. You can also use short links in tweet which must lead to your post in the blog as there is restriction to more characters in Twitter.