Twitter is one of the most used social media network all over the world and it is normally used to connect with people. There are many individuals as well as brands that use Twitter to reach their specified audience. Twitter is known to send user-generated tweets that are also able to display images and videos. Most of them have concern about people viewing their video on the social media without any sound. There are ways to add captions to your video that is used on the social media channel to make it easily viewable for all kinds of people on this platform.

Those who want to add a subtitle for their video, then this option can be the best option. You will be able to make live titles using the app apple clips that can be used on various social media channels. To use it, first you must download this app on your Smartphone and access it. Then you can select the arrow option and enter New Video from drop-down. You will be able to choose Video from these options and use the option speech bubble that will start the captioning. There will be 3 options to select and you can start recording with your own voice. Make sure to create your short script for reading it out during the recording of the video to make your work simple.

There are also few social media network that offers automatic captions for the video. When you are using this option, try to upload the video and select the subtitle option from the menu. Some of the tools allow you to select a number of languages, but you must select the language English which is the best option to communicate with different people all over the world. Most of the captions will get generated automatically if you are using special tools. You can also review your captions and even edit them. The time-savers for your captions normally added to the videos as a script which helps you to add captions to the video before using it on the social media channel. There are also other alternate ways with which you can easily make a video along with captions such as Apple Clips.

Twitter video is really very to use as it helps you to record a new video with the help of your Smartphone. After creating the video you can start adding the caption that can attract your audience. But you must also include hashtags in your posts to make the content easily reachable to all the people on the social media network. The response received by the posts that feature a video is also known to be high when compared to other posts on Twitter. Video is also the easiest way to reply to the audiences who have already responded to your video with captions. Adding captions to a video can help you to reach different types of audience on this social platform.

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