Social media is a perfect place to get connected with people all over the world. But you can also use the social media to find the perfect right customers for your business. There are particular ways that can be used to look locate the right audience related to your brand or products. First you must do a slight research about your customers to know on which social media network they spend more time on. Twitter is considered to be one of the best social media platform to find the right type of customers for your business. There are options such as Twitter ads that can be used to reach out to your ideal audience with very little effort.

1. Look for the best customer- The most important thing to be followed to get the ideal customer is to know what they are interested in. One thing that you can do get complete details about your brand related customers and what they do on the weekends. This can help to know how you can reach out to the customers easily.

2. Decide about your customer range- Now you know where to find the customers, then make sure the number of people you are going to reach out with your product. In case your customer range is very small you can just continue the same process of marketing and if you are planning to increase the number of customer try to add more information related to your business.

3. Assess your customers- Once you have running the business from a long time, now it is time to assess your customers. Try to collect the detailed about your customers such as where they spend more time online and you can also question them. Ask them about the social media website they use regularly and what type of information they are looking online. There are also special tools to support while assessing the customers which includes Google Forms, SurveyMonkey and more. Mainly Google Forms can be used to get the details with live events and if possible you can also try out SurveyMonkey.

5. Study about online activities- This is a most important part if you are just beginning your business and you have only small amount of customers. Look for studies which have complete information about particular platforms and even other countries.

6. Link to your customers- After getting the complete details about your customers, try to review the studies available after the research to work on various social media networks and marketing platforms. Try to include the email lists you have on all the social media network and this will help in finding the customers here. You can use advanced search tool in Twitter to find the right customers. Create a Twitter list and notify the people in it which can automatically increase your visibility. Try to follow the people in Twitter whom you think is capable of attracting more customers to your profile.

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