Marketers look for different places to promote their product and one of the best platforms to get effective result is the social media. With few simple tools you can make your work on the social media channel easier. The time spent on the social media platform can be reduced with the following tools and increase the efficiency of engaging with the followers. Visuals are very important part of promoting a product on the social media platform. Social media can be the best tool to reach to targeted audience that can increase your sales automatically. In order to make your social media marketing successful, it is important to know the latest trends and follow up with them. But it is not always easy to do this, so using these types of tools can make your marketing process simple and reduce time spent on the social media network.

1. PosterMyWall Templates- This is a simple tool that can help to create attractive images for the social media channel. It is a user-friendly tool that is available with a number of templates specially designed by professional designers. To design your image, first select a Design available in the page and choose the option New Design in drop-down menu. It also lets you to deign blank canvas with the present templates and also find different template based on various categories. Another option is PosterMyWall editor where the users can customize different options like texts, color and more depending upon your interest. After designing your image, just download it for using it on the social media channel.

2. Quuu- It helps to hand-curate a relevant content that can be used in your social media channel. To use this tool first you must select a category and select how many suggestions you want to receive in a day. You must create an account in Buffer and HubSpot to use this tool that makes your work simple. Now you will get hand-curated content that can be shared to target your relevant audiences and increase the engagement. You can get more leads with this tool as it lets you to engage with the audience using your content.

3. Socedo- This is the best to reach your audience personally related to buying on the social media networks. In this tool you can just enter an event related hashtag to find potential attendee and it will automatically follow the selected leads. With this you will be able to increase the number of followers on the social media with personal touch. The tool will also integrate with your marketing automation that can help to track a engagement related to a campaign and generate conversions. The entire social media channel can be converted into lead generation platform and reach to the customers through Twitter by collecting their information to increase your sales. It also sends your message for the people who follow your account that helps to increase your marketing process with personal touch.

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