Are you completely familiar with the Web 2.0 property? It was likely said to be the next generation of blogging, and it gives you even more exposure than hosting your own. But there is a disadvantage if you are using a Web 2.0 property. The whole website is not yours, it is from somebody else. You are just registering an account there, and create some valuable articles that you want to share. You can even treat this as your own blogging portal, but it may be gone once their servers are shutting down once and for all. Is this going to be the discussion for today?

If you are asking about that, I think this is going to be what it is. For today’s topic, I will be talking about the complete domination of Web 2.0 marketing with Twitter. But what makes you think that Web 2.0 properties are simply dominating the search engines like Google itself? The first real reason is that Web 2.0 properties are being loved by Google, just like press releases and document sharing sites. As you buy Twitter followers, you may be feeling so excited and heated up to start your own campaigns with any Web 2.0 property that you just joined like no other.

There is a lot of potential for you to make a living with Web 2.0 property and Twitter, as long you know the rules of the game. Once you are definitely aware of the rules, it was quite understood that you should be comfortable enough in using them.

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