Since that we are still talking about the communication towards the ones you did buy Twitter followers, I think I may find this as a greater possibility that you may know its real importance towards you and the rest. It means that we may find this very important to all people who dare to become certified Twitter marketers anytime they want. Oh well, I guess I really have no other choice but to discuss this further to all Twitter marketers out there. If you are God damn ready for this, let’s do it then! What makes you think that this is really important for us to communicate with our Twitter followers and to other members of the community?

It is simply because as Twitter marketers, we definitely going to have communication as part of our plans to ensure that our followers may stick to us. In other words, if we have no communication to them for a very long time, I think there is a greater chance that they might start not following you after all. But I am going to discuss about that later on in the next article, and we should focus on communicating with each other every single day. But in case that you are not really available, just inform them earlier.

In this way, you might still continue to communicate with them later on once you have finally arrived or come home. This is just quite better than you are going to be offline for long without informing your own followers.

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