Now that you know about the real difference between plain squeeze page and the video squeeze page for the ones we buy Twitter followers, I think it is about time that we should know what is coming next. The next thing that I need to share with you was simply no other than what we think about promoting the video squeeze page to our Twitter followers. In other words, I will now be asking you a very simple question that may help you out in your future campaigns in your own list. Are you now ready for this ultimate question once and for all?

Without further ado, let us hit the rock bottom!

Ok now, what makes you really think that Twitter was so perfect for us to promote the video squeeze pages? It is simply because Twitter was indeed very amazing when it comes to traffic generation purposes. The real reason is that Twitter will give us a lot of targeted traffic than the other networks did for good. If you really think that this is quite better than the other social networks around, please take some notes that you should listen to every single word that I mentioned in this blog post for good.

This is one big reason that Twitter was indeed a perfect source for us to promote our very own video squeeze pages. As a matter of fact, we may have a good ability that this one will be good enough to start our own list building career.


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