In this blog post of mine to all internet marketers around the world, I will now be giving you the ultimate comparison between the video squeeze and the plain squeeze. For those of you who have some plans to buy Twitter followers, I think there is no such doubts that you may be able to gain some good advantage with this topic of mine. Once again, I would like to tell you that this is all about the comparison between the video squeeze page and the plain squeeze page. Are you going to be ready for this or not? If you really do, I would gladly suggest that in under any circumstances, you should try to listen.

Let us start first with the plain squeeze page. This is a type of squeeze page for internet marketers that is going to be a basic one. This has no videos, but only a headline, “catchy” content, an email autoresponder opt-in form, and a “catchy” message again at the bottom, which I will be calling that as a “call to action” moment. For me, I think there are still more people who wanted to get subscribed with your own free information, but it does not attract them at all for good.

But with the inclusion of video squeeze page for everyone (along with the content), I think this is going to give you even more higher opt-in rates, just in case you are going to promote everything on Twitter, once and for all!


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