Since I will still be talking more about communicating with the ones you did buy Twitter followers, it is about damn time for you to know the effect of no communication. Do you think this will benefit you till the end of time? For me, I think this really does give me benefits at all, so that in the end we will all become successful to our own careers like no other. Well, well, well, I think it is time for us to know what the hell is all about anyway. Without further ado, this is all about the real effect of not communicating with each other on Twitter.

What would be the real effect if we cannot communicate with each other on Twitter anyways? For me, I think the real effect would be that when you are inactive in your Twitter account without telling them earlier, there is a chance that they may not follow you anymore. The more they will unfollow you, the more you will be losing traffic and value like no other. This is why it is important that all of us should communicate with each other, even for once a day. But in case that you may not commit on that one, I would really think that this is going to drop your own reputation.

But not only reputation though due to your lack of being active, but also recommending others not to follow you due to not communicating with each other. I know this is not required, but I ma just only telling you the real effect of being not active.

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