I think most of the people here are already crazy about using Twitter for their daily updates. Even for the internet and affiliate marketers who buy Twitter followers, they are also addicted in using it to their own experiments like no other. If they are really attracted with Twitter, they should be quite serious on what they are doing with that social media portal. Are you now ready for the discussion that I am about to share right now? Is this another article that will simply gives us some few minutes of value? Or some few minutes that will actually waste our own time?

Actually, this article of mine will not let you waste more time than you ever could. It is because once we waste our time here, it will be considered as part of our useless life. This is why I would not let you waste some time, because I will be giving some more value than you ever could. Now, let us go back to the main discussion, shall we folks? What makes you think that these guys and gals are crazy in using Twitter? It is because of one simple reason, and that is all about using it in a simple way.

Of course, I am talking about the Twitter’s user interface. People are like crazy in using Twitter, no matter what device are they using. It can be either personal computer, laptop, mobile phone or any Android device like the Apple iPad. We cannot really control them you know, they are just Twitter crazy maniacs!

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