Going back into the blog post that I shared to you who buy Twitter followers, it was all about those people who are crazy in using this social media right now. I really do not know the real reason about it, but it’s just that these people are very crazy in sharing their own tweets to the followers they had. I also do not know if they had the ability in buying Twitter followers, or are they generating them manually. But I would really bet that they might find it very hard to generate their own followers for good. Am I right?

Or maybe not? But I think they had some enough money to buy tons of followers into their own account, just for fun! Right now, let us go back to what I am going to discuss in this article right now. In this blog post right now, I will be telling you about why Twitter is very important for us as social media marketers. One reason why Twitter was so important for us as social media marketers, is because of the powerful traffic and exposure that they had in store for us. Think about Google guys? It is so potential for us as social media marketers.

Twitter profiles are actually appearing at the Google search results, compare to other sites like Facebook, LinkedIn, Google Plus, Digg and a whole lot more. Once we are using the power of Twitter, for sure we will be dominating our own niches so easily.

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