In the last blog post that I have published for you who buy Twitter followers, it was all about the complete domination of Web 2.0 marketing to Twitter marketers. But why should we do Web 2.0 marketing along with Twitter? It is because Web 2.0 marketing will give us even more exposure for the products and services that we promote. Just like what Twitter marketers have experienced, Web 2.0 marketing is not just about social media traffic, they are also relying more on search engines as well. Speaking of the search engines, I think Google really loves them no matter what happens for good.

These websites are giving enough value to all of the readers worldwide, and there is no doubt that Google might continue to give them some love like the press releases. Right now, I am going to ask you a question. It is going to be a very simple one, and it won’t take you a minute to answer it. Ready for the question that was being asked by the blog poster (that’s me)? Ok guys and gals, here is the question. What makes you really think that any Web 2.0 property shows some love for any social media like Twitter?

It is simply because social media sites like Twitter are helping them to give more exposure. In return, they are going to include some Twitter retweet and share buttons for each article that was published within their own websites. If Web 2.0 properties loved them, they would give something in return to have some real benefits.

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