Twitter video is one of the option in this platform that has received more attention from most of the people. There are many people who watch Twitter videos in their mobile and also upload it. The video in Twitter is expected to receive more number of engagements when compared to other option in this platform. In case you are new to Twitter and want to use the Twitter video option to get more engagement, there are few simple things that can be done. Here are few things that must be done without fail to promote your Twitter video in a perfect way. These steps can be helpful for the brands who want to promote their product using the Twitter video.

1. Promoting- It is important to promote your video to make it spread easily. To do this you can place an ad to make more people to see the video. This can also help in showing it like the promoted tweet that will be helpful in producing more views as well as engagements.

2. Optimizing video for Mobile- According to a report, more than 90 percent of Twitter videos have been watched in mobiles. This is one of the most important thing to be considered while using your video in Twitter.

3. Forgetting videos- Most of the people will normally view the content of your video and not the voice available in it. So make sure to create a video that is purely based on its content than trying to explain it with words. Try to include captions along with animated clips that can easily communicate your video.

4. Short video- There is no restrictions for the length of your video in Twitter, but never try to use a video that is too long. Make sure that your video is short and it must also attract the viewers from the beginning.

5. Mention your goal- There are different goals for every brand, so they must make sure that the video is able to tell the viewers about their aim. If your goal is t promote a website, try to include it in the video and try to write a tweet copy which must display along with your video.

6. Entertaining video- Don’t upload the video for the sake of just viewing and try to create an emotional impact with it, so people who are watching it will forget that it is an ad. Try to include the things that are known by the people in your video.

7. Scheduling video- The time taken to upload a video can be more and most of them will not have so much patience. But it is possible to schedule your videos while it gets uploaded without wasting your time.

8. Follow and Lead- Try to follow the users who upload the video and also make other who watch your video to follow you. By doing this you will be able to get more engagements that can easily lead to more followers.


Twitter has been a backbone for most of the businesses in the present day. Twitter is one of the sources for the business to receive valuable insights about a brand. There are three different ways that can help to find out the right thing that is expected to happen.

1. Looking for relevant mention- Twitter data has been mainly used to know what is going to happen from various things such as stock markets, natural disasters, elections and more. Most of the time the predictions become real which make twitter a popular trend setter. But some of the applications care not reached properly to a common person and it stays within a small business. Try to find out the right context from more than 500 million messages that is sent on twitter with the right analytics. To do this avoid using more than 7 words and prevent using tweets that feature a number or link. You can also try to create monitoring streams with Tweetdeck and Hootsuite which can easily save streams by updating with new target words. You can enable one of these to get the relevant results and receive the right idea.

2. Looking for relevant influencers- The second option is finding the right reviewers who can give their voice a particular brand. These people are available very easily with twitter data when compared to other social media marketing. You will be able to find out the right people based on actual output. You can also use some of the tools to do this and lit out some of the shared content about a particular topic. These tools can to get a list of most shared data on particular topic across the main platforms in twitter. It can also help users to engage with the tweets that develop a relationship along with viewers. Try to use the available data to find the content amplifiers and locate relevant blogs.

3. Knowing the latest topics and important trend- This is the final option that is very important and also valuable in knowing the brand influencers. You can also understand the people that are relevant to your brand and the content that has been generated on daily basis. You can also use some of the tools to do this work as they can  analyzes social networks for the Twitter user and show the popular content inside a particular network. Try to enter a particular topic in its search field to see the latest trending topic in twitter and you can easily subscribe to the viewers related to your topic.

Some of the tools have been specially used to provide best results for the twitter users. The tools can highlight the relevant options that are available with a number of tweets. It can also help in reducing your effort in finding the right tweet. The above three steps are important in the development of twitter to receive genuine insight for all the users by finding relevant tweets as well as keywords to find out real-time discussion.