Influencers play an important role to support a business on the social media platform like Twitter. Even those who are running a smaller business can use influencers who are less popular on the social media to promote their business. Once you are able to find the small influencers it will be easy to make them promote your brand and also have a good relationship. Here are few things to find the best small influencers to make your business reach to a greater level.

1. Help from followers- The first option to find the small influencers are among your followers. If you use get in touch with your followers, they can help to reach you to influencers who are interested to know about your brand. Most of the people in Twitter will try to reach the influencers directly which will not help in any ways as they will not trust you. So you can just make your followers to reach to the influencers and this will make them to get in touch with you. Try to offer special reward or discounts in Twitter to attract the influencers.

2. Using hashtags- There will be many small influencers who will not be aware of your brand, but they can get attracted to your service if they know about it. To make the influential users aware of your brand you can do a small research using hashtag to find the best influencers related to your brand. Always select the best hashtag that must be relevant to your product to find the best influencers. Use the hashtag that you have selected to search in Google to get the best results. When you decide to promote your products using influencers related to your business, there is a high possibility to reach your particular audience perfectly.

3. Using Google search- As a small business you will only be covering a particular geographic area, so try to search them using Google search. You can use the keyword that is related to your brand while making the search. Once you find the suitable influencer through the Google search, try to find their Twitter profile which can be used to reach them directly.

4. Tools to find influencers- If you use all the above steps to find the best influencers will be a long process which can consume lot of time. Instead of using all these options, you can use the special tools that have been developed to find the best influential users in most of the social media platforms. There are different tools to reach the top influencers which include BuzzSumo, Klear, etc. Mainly BuzzSumo is a special tool to look for the influencers with the help of particular keywords. Once you access this tool, try to enter the keyword in the search box and you will get stats about each influencer. You can just see their engagement rate, retweet and the followers list to judge the reach of your influencers.

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