It is useful for everyone to spend more time on the social media platform like Twitter to attract more followers. In case you have been spending more time by posting useful contents in your social media network and not able to get proper engagements there are few effective strategies that can be used to make it work. You can just schedule the contents to be posted in Twitter on regular basis to make it effective for your audience.

1. Update the categories- There are few regular updates that must done in your social media network like creating links to content created by you which includes videos, podcasts and more. Also make sure when you get mentioned in the original content it is known by all your followers which will be helpful getting more traffic. Try to provide seasonal offers and follow the same strategy every year to get benefited. Never use the content for the second time even though many people will try to repeat the same content again and again. Another option will be using your own ideas to develop the content and include different quotes used by other people.

2. Make your social updates in groups- Everyone update their content in the social media on regular basis and create updates depending upon the category. Try to schedule your contents based on the category that you are using it. This will help you to spend time on the social media by interacting with your audience live than spending more time during inappropriate times. You will not be spending more time on daily basis about writing new contents with this and the time spend for creating the content can be used to interact with your audience live.

3. Get connected with live interaction- Try to plan your live interactions before you enter into one with your audience. It is not possible to know what people will be posting, so try to plan yourself before getting into a live interaction. Make this a daily routine and stay connected with your audience at the same time on regular basis. You can get notifications and engage with other users at the same time if you plan your content posting. There are few simple categories that your live interactions will be planned such as retweets and more. Also reduce your number of categories to prevent confusion while connecting with your followers. Also decide about the questions that need to be asked to the followers of your Twitter account and schedule them early to get best engagement from them.

Making your status update on regular basis can provide only less result and whenever you are planning to share content with your followers try to schedule it. Give sometime for yourself to prepare the content and schedule it to prevent your status update regularly. All these things will help to improve your productivity related to your business and eliminate distractions on social media platform while scheduling your contents.

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